Monilabb is a;                                                                                                           

Athletic Performance Management Platform.                                                               

  • No need an installation and works with all kind of operating systems
  • Have an application which is compatible with any kind of mobile devices
  • Works on servers which supply bank level security or intranet via servers of the club/org.


Server choice will be made by the club/org; system can work either on the servers which all security certifications has been supplied by us or intranet within the club/org which will be supplied by the user.

Modules and mobile app can only be accessed by authorization with username and passwords given by admin of each team.

Mobile app has been developed especially for players to collect data about subjective responses to trainings, nutritional habits and psychosocial behavior. Besides, another mobile app has been developed for coaching and medical staff to see the actual status of the team (availability for training & game, recovery scores, medical issues, risk alerts etc) easily anytime anywhere.

Departments will be able to communicate, share and transfer data, reports etc between each other and players.

Even manuel data entry has been eased as much as possible, data collected with 3rd party technology (GPS, Heart Rate Monitors, Video Tracking, Screening Devices etc) can be integrated automatically with one click. Monilabb is compatible with most of the technology used in sector now like Catapult, GPSports, Statsports, Polar, Sentio, Opta, Amisco/Prozone, Myotest, TMG etc. If needed, you will be able to import your own excel spreadsheets into the system.

It must be known that, during this integration processes player names recorded in both systems must synchronize each other.

Monilabb, developed its own analytic algorithms under a module named “Risk Analysis” which collates and associate every data collected. This module turns data into knowledge through its analytic filter and visualize it with a simple chart. It must be known that, some scientific requirements must be performed regularly for an effective and right usage of this module and information about these requirements will be explained to user at demo process. Especially GPS (For Trainings), Video Tracking System (For Games) usage and integration to Monilabb has a critical importance for “Cumulative Risk Index”. Monilabb chooses specific data which is going to be used in its algorithms and visualize them with own definitons. These definitions and methodology will be explained to user at demo process.

Likewise, explaining benefits of the system to player group well is highly important for effective use of Player app. It must be told that entering missing or wrong information via Player app will cause a disadvantage for them in middle-long term.