5 missions were chosen while Monilabb was getting developed.

First one: To create an awareness about using technology only as a guide, not as a decision maker. Let to know that, extended vision could be made with effective and right usage of technology in this arena which the winner can be defined with a second or a millimeter.

Second one: To introduce a new concept of “Athlete Monitoring”, and by this way create an awareness that daily player responses and readiness to workload could be easily determined with more sensitive, more comfortable, more fast monitoring devices/sensors or methods instead of hard to apply, time consuming and exhausting periodical screening tests. Besides, even if this kind of technologies or devices are unavailable and/or available to be used; let to know that, highly important information about training modification could be obtained by collecting daily subjective forms by which players can fill only in 5-10 seconds everyday.

Third one: In sector which “Performance Analysis” means “Game Analysis”, to create an awareness of training tracking technologies, ensuring these technologies to get used widely and helping users to use them effectively. Noticing already that GPS technology which is the most necessarily tool for tracking workload objectively couldn’t be used by most of our teams due to its high cost, insufficient information or having no notice of; we know that 3-4 teams who have chance to use GPS are not able to use it effectively either due to lack of experienced staff or lack of separated time to analyze hundreds of data besides their primarily job. Let to know that we could help about turning data collected with this technology into knowledge and to create an awareness that tracking simply the difference between planned training load and percepted training load subjectively might give critical information about your team/players.

Fourth one: Create an awareness of big data in sports, an upcoming need for central data management systems integrated with analytics on secure web for supporting easy access to unlimited database and creating possibility of fast communication. To help clubs and federations having their own extensive player database and a comprehensive management system which they can access anywhere anytime via secure authorization and institutional privacy.

Fifth one: Through all these information, try to be one of the valued systems globally by improving own analytic algorithms depending on sectoral needs and academic researches. Supply injury and underperformance prediction service in middle-long term to its user which will be able to collect enough and related data.