A second or a millimeter could define if your team is able to react or not, to go on or not; to handle or not;

so if you are going to be the winner or looser…


That seconds or millimeters might be hidden anywhere around you


  • At extended duration of midweek endurance training
  • At sprint distance done in the second half of the game
  • At percentage change of your teams anaerobic capacity
  • At repetition number of the weight forced in the gym
  • At high RHR or low Ig A levels measured before intense training
  • At reduced sleep time or increased social stress of your striker
  • At acceleration speed of a player who just recovered from injury
  • At long length of the grass or poor ergonomics of a new shoe worn


To not see, collect or analyze these data might cause a metabolically, physically or mentally fatigued or unrecovered team facing the next training or game; a team which can not perform what is planned; a team which can not optimize performance or suffering long lasting injuries at critical time of the season.

Considering the conditions of sector, financial losses of the clubs because of injured players or underperformances has reached unbelievable amounts. A 4 week lasting injury of a player can cause approximately 400-500.000 Euros to clubs. Likewise, considering the games lost due to the replaced and/or unavailable players because of underperformance or being not fully fit, financial losses of a club because of injuries and underperformances might reach 15-20 million Euros during a season.

Actually, these issues are preventable. To prevent these (injuries, underperformances) is only possible by seeing the data around, collecting, collating, analyzing, making a prevention plan and implementing it as an action.


On that point, 4 problems occur.

First; in a team there are many issues which data is hiding inside. Trainings, games, injuries / medical issues, strength and conditioning status, screening and monitoring tests, a player group which has totally different responses to workload raise the number of data and making it hard to track.

Second; frequent and regular data collection is needed to bring out all these seconds or millimeters. Because either different players give different responses on same day or same player give different responses on different days to workload. So, monitoring players during trainings, games, gym workouts, daily life with different kind of sensors, equipment or technology (GPS, Video Tracking Systems, Accelerometers, Wearable Sensors etc) cause thousands of data everyday.

Third; collecting these data with different kind of methods through different departments (technical staff, s&c coach, medical staff, performance & game analysts, scouting staff etc) in team makes it hard to collate them. Because of limited time due to busy work, staffs are unable to share these data between each other, so there occurs a communication problem throughout the team. If you add the interactive dialogue which must be done between players and staff into that problem, there will be for sure a big inconsistency and disarrangements.

Fourth; besides the difficulty of collating data, confusion about which ones are important and useful, which ones will be associated from important and useful ones, how associated data will be defined and what these definitions mean, causes gaps in the process of turning thousands of data into knowledge. Teams which “can not turn data into knowledge”, “give wrong definitions to them” or “can not share when needed, will not be able to give right decisions and put action into practice, and by the way they will be loosing time and money to collect data.


Today, it is impossible to solve all these problems with classic methods like pen-paper or excel spreadsheets. With innovation through sports science and analytics integrated with secure web and mobile technology; collecting, analyzing, reporting and sharing data anytime anywhere with an unlimited storage is possible.


Monilabb; is a next generation Athlete Performance Management System developed to collect, collate, define, analyze and share data related to performance & health on a bank level secure platform.


  • Structured on 1 year methodology and global preliminary studies after 10 years of active experience in sports science, medicine and technology
  • Developed with Turkey’s selected sports scientists, medical doctors&physios, developers and designers through a busy and collective process around 2 years
  • Improved with unique analytic algorithms which are formulized with combination of sectoral experience, scientific researches and sports analytics
  • Passed successfully through beta test process in a Super League soccer team and TKBL basketball team during a whole season and modified with feedbacks
  • Took final functional form after interactive dialogs and feedbacks from a well-known Premier League team
  • Dedicated to sector as a software, based on a dynamic and flexible structure which will continuously be improved with guidance of sectoral needs, user feedbacks and scientific researches,